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So I got up my nerve, and I found me a stone

Don't wait too long

Say never
I am the kind of girl who will dance in store aisles to the overhead music. I am easily distracted by anything and everything. I have read almost every Stephen King novel and short story that's ever been printed, even the ones he's written as Richard Bachman. I'm the kind of person who, if put in a completely empty room with one thing in it, I will either trip over that thing or break it. Probably both at the same time. I know all the words to every song on the Backstreet Boys first two CDs. I got the Phil Collins greatest hits CD and the Marilyn Manson greatest hits CD on the same day... my birthday. The only athletic thing I am even remotely good at is bellydancing. I prefer English to math or science. I collect words like some people collect things like coins or stamps. Spatchcock, faineant, deleterious, esoteric. I can speak, read and understand Spanish... a little. I have been to a Star Trek convention. I saw all three Lord Of The Rings movies in the theatre. I love to sing and dance and watch other people sing and dance on stage. Seeing Sweeney Todd onstage was the highlight of my year (the year I saw it, anyway). I will play any Final Fantasy game I can get my hands on. Ditto Zelda. I like to draw but I'm not very good at it. Ditto photography. I pretend to be a writer and a poet occasionally. I've played the flute for ten years. I love all music and make no apologies for my unusual tastes. Indian food, Chinese food, Thai food and Italian foods are the best kinds, although I like a lot of other food too. I'd rather bake a cake than cook a chicken. I have a stuffed dragon named Wilson and a stuffed bear named Hennessey, among others. I'm shy but not unfriendly. My favorite movie of all time is Velvet Goldmine. Second place honors go to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I have a tendency to babble. And now I'm done. ^^