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Le Tired
I opened today, after sleeping roughly three hours at best. I am le tired. My brain has been insisting on putting "le" in front of almost every single thing. Le tubs. Le reshop. I have to put le gas in le car. Where is le Brian, my le biffle, I have not seen him in le week.

Work was good though. I felt good. I felt competent for the first time. Like "Hey I am doing this job and being okay at it." instead of "OH GOD WHAT AM I DOOOOOOING."

After work I put le gas in le car and then decided to stop and wander around this cemetery that I have passed roughly a thousand times and looks deliciously old and wonderful.

It's probably weird, but I love cemeteries. The older the better. I find them very peaceful. At least during the day, I to try to avoid them at night. But it was beautiful; the weather was perfect, the sun was out, and it was a wonderfully old cemetery, with the stones all or most from the 1800s.

I took a bunch of photos with my EVO and I thought they turned out really nice. I didn't see any ghosts and nothing particularly creepy happened, although I did almost step on ashes and I kept getting startled by squirrels.
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I felt a bit awkward wandering around this cemetery by myself, especially since it was by a surprisingly populated area, so I didn't take as many pictures as I could have. But it was... nice. I might go back. Not on a Saturday afternoon though.

Also, I'm really impressed with the camera on my EVO, these pictures turned out really nice.

Chris Sabin Guilt-Free Love Post!
Hot Sabin

Chris Sabin wants YOU


To read this post.

Let's all take a few minutes and admire the gorgeous specimen of masculinity that is Chris Sabin (or Josh Harter, I guess, if you want to be specific) and not feel bad that we're completely ignoring Alex Shelley. Because we love Alex, really... but sometimes we just want to ogle the shit out of Sabin without guilt.

Picture-heavy, credit to www.chris-sabin.com and em25

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